The Missing Link Initiative

The Missing Link Initiative™ is a call to action for everyone we share missing persons profiles with or those who visit our site.

If you are someone who follows missing persons cases, you already know how it goes, a person is reported missing, the local news may or may not report on it, law enforcement or the family will produce a missing persons flyer or poster and circulate it in the area the person was last seen and then people on various social networking sites will talk about the case and try to come up with their version of what happened.

All of these things are great and they can be very useful, but you can help us harness the same process and make it more affective by sharing every missing persons profile you see from any website.  Just share it once or share it as many times as you can.

If we all do this, the reach on a global level will be far greater than any other campaign to get the word out on every case anyone has ever viewed before.

Since not everyone can donate money to help with investigations or search and rescue efforts, we all can share the profiles we see at least one time.

The concept is simple, we all know someone, who knows someone, who knows someone.

This is how you can help a missing persons profile go "Viral" so to speak.  So no matter where someone is missing, their profile will cover the globe and do it within hours.

It won't take but only a minute of your time and you'll be truly helping someone who needs all of our help.

For far too long missing people have been forgotten about by those who are tasked to investigate their wherabouts so we as a global community need to take advantage of the technology we have at our fingertips to put as many missing persons stories in the eyes and hearts of those inclined to make a difference.

Please be part of our Missing Link Initiative right now and select one or as many profiles from our site and start sharing today.

Thank you very much!

Law Olmstead - President
Missing Persons Center

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