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February 21st, 2021 - Imbabura Volcano, Ecuador

Travis Sackett is an activist who has served several terms with both AmeriCorps and the Peace Corps.

Sackett was in-between assignments volunteering on a farm in Pimampiro, a village the northern part of Ecuador. However, he left for a hike February 21 and never returned.

Sackett's family is working with officials in the states, but friends at home say they feel powerless to help.

That's why a group of Sackett's former Peace Corps colleagues are working to raise awareness and keep pressure on the Ecuadorian government.

In the 4 weeks since he's disappeared, the local authorities went searching for Sackett twice, the first time after he'd already been missing for five days.

"There was a bit of a frustrating pause between the search on the 26th and one which was Thursday, March 4, since then though, 6 more searches have been done..said Jennifer Ko, longtime friend of the Sackett family. "Through Facebook, we actually found someone who saw him up on the volcano. So, we know that he got close to the peak, but we haven't heard from him since." search dogs, helicopters have been used in search.

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  • Sighting of Travis on Volcano


    There are reports of someone seeing Travis on the way up to the summit of the volcano the day he vanished. Did the witness ever tell anyone what Travis was wearing and possibly the type or amount of gear Travis was carrying? This is critical information to determine if he could of managed being stranded over night since the elements can be very brutal there, especially at night. Other reasons are to be able to match anything found that could have belonged to him.
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Visit the link above and sign the petition to help get more support to locate Travis.