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Dominic Potts Case from California Check out the Dominic Potts case. It's quite a mystery and it doesn't seen that there has been a lot of...

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Missing-person case leads to suspected con man,...

Almost 20 different names attached to just one man. Authorities and associates believe he's a con artist

Colorado Woman Vanishes After Announcing...

A 21-year-old Colorado woman named Kelsie Schelling disappeared in February 2013 after announcing her pregnancy. She allegedly said her boyfriend...

Missing Zoe Campos Update

Zoe Gabrielle Campos, a bright and promising teen from Lubbock, Texas, went missing on November 17, 2013. UPDATES:

It's been a good feeling being able to volunteer some time to finding missing person cases of interest and entering them in here. I hope someday... Show more

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Do you think Law Enforcement Does Enough to Find Missing People?

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I wonder why sometimes it really seems as if no one ever really searches for a missing person.
Is anyone really looking?