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Whether you are someone with a missing family member or a law enforcement representitive in need of gaining vaulable exposure to your missing person(s),
we can help.listings
Our database has been designed to be used by people worldwide who need to get more attention to new and old missing persons files.  One of the biggest problems in the missing persons reporting system is, there are simply too many places missing people are listed.  So, this usually means if someone was reported missing in one city, they might be listed with the local police, but the missing person does not show up on county, state or international registries.  This is a huge issue when asking for the public to assist.
The only way to find a missing persons in many cases is to have the public's assistance and providing one central profiling registry is important so people can learn more and verify information associated with any missing person they want to search for or may think they have seen.  Law enforcement alone cannot be held responsible for locating missing people, we as a society need to do all we can to help find the missing as well.
In 2019 the FBI received mssing person reports on more than 607,000 people.  It's impossible for any agency to manage this caseload alone and acutally have any success finding people that truly need to be searched for.
For those people who have been abducted, lost, medically endangered or have not been in contact with family members in some time, these are the ones that need everyone looking for them, not just law enforcement.
To support wider scaled efforts to search for missing people, our profiles are the most comprehensive of all reporting systems and include associations to known suspects and other registries the records originated from.
Anyone can register for an account with us to enter profiles into our system.  All profiles will be verified with law enforcement or to be sure they have been entered into other publically available reporting systems.

Click Here to view a Sample Record.  This record is for a sample missing child, but we do have different profiles that inlude more or less data for missing adults, missing veterans and suspect information too.

Our database includes links to valuable resources related to missing people and anything associated with locating, reporting and identifying them.
We encourage you to join our community and be part of making a deifference.
Also, we are very thankful to all of our doners, with out them we could not do what we do.
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